American Nuclear Society Florida Section

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Past Chair, Advisory
Jim Tulenko

Revitalization Chair
Katherin Goluoglu

Revitalization Co-chair
Pingchien Neo

Sedat Goluoglu

Past Treasurer
Jim Tulenko

Katherin Goluoglu


  • Pingchien Neo: Arrangements Chair
  • Ed Dugan: Membership Chair, Executive Committee
  • DuWayne Schubring: Executive Committee-At-Large
  • William Vernetson: Past Education Chair, Executive Committee
  • Yong Yang: Education Chair, Executive Committee
  • Katherin Goluolgu: Education Committee
  • Kelly Jordan: Program, Executive committee
  • Sedat Goluoglu: Program, Executive committee
  • Jim Baciak: Communications/web chair, Executive committee
  • Wesley Bolch: HPS society interface
  • Simon Phillpot: Local business/industry representative
  • Madison Martin: Student representative, WIN
  • Diego Garcia: Student representative, ANS

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